Greece has a great variety of things to offer. Whether it be the party on its islands, the capital of Athens, the Greek art and the philosophy, food … I don’t see any regrets on deciding to go on Erasmus to Greece, so, if you have already decided to go to this country of mobility, I have to give you good news. You are in the right place to find relevant, unique, incredible and sensational information that you need to make the most of your Erasmus experience in Greece.


Greece rocks. Athens is a bit chaotic I have to tell you but it is totally amazing. One more thing, buy the 10€ ticket to go to the airport or they will put you a fine. (Yes, I have the recipe of the fine still in the room.). The capital is taken from thousands of years ago and this is noticeable since you leave the subway that returns from the airport and see the Parthenon. If you want to rock and roll like a boss in the Greek Islands, you definitely have to go to Greece on Erasmus.

Apolo's temple
Poseidon's temple
Athens neighborhood

Why going to Greece in erasmus?

Greece has a Mediterranean climate. Greece has history and monuments that must be seen at least once in a lifetime. Greece has a party that you don’t believe it and last and foremost, in Greece you can find Kebab for € 1. At € 1 ladies and gentlemen. Guess who got fat. This guy. And on top of that, the hilarious people of Greece put sculptures of hyper-mashed guys everywhere to just finally sink you.

hiper-mashed guy from Greece

But hey. I challenge you to return with a 10 body after Erasmus if you have the courage. Of course, at ESN parties with beer pong, or beach parties, etc., it will not be the same I am warning you. Now that we mentioned the theme of the party, do not worry since it is an important topic to start meeting people the first week. However, first I will tell you how much you are going to spend. Just to make you wait for the best you know. 

How much costs the erasmus in Greece?

Greece, compared to some other european countries is not the most expensive one. If you do not travel a lot, the Erasmus can cost around € 800 per month. Nevertherless, there are things that are expensive like  the Greek islands, there you spend a lot doing parties and others due to the fact that It is a turistic zone. However, there are some tricks that as Erasmus you have to know to save what is not written. Let’s go first. I leave you a guide on how to earn money being Erasmus 100% recommended to read. Click on the photo to read it.