Yes, yes and yes. The Erasmus programme provides you with a lot of benefits, not only the time that you are there also when you come back home.

You will discover yourself and, is this such a self-developing power that produces to you a raisement on your self esteem.

Did you feel sometimes undervaluated in high school because you compared yourself with your peers? This will not happen to you again due to these reasons.

5 reasons why is worth going in Erasmus.

  • 1. Independence

Remember that when you are going in Erasmus you are going there alone. In the destination country you are alone and you need to solve every problem that you have by yourself. 

This is more or less true due to the fact that in the destination country there are 290436949 people in the same situation as you. The fact that you face the same adversities produces an aliance between everybody. However, the final decision maker is you. This encourages you to overcome your problems, be organized and more confident. At the beginning it is hard, I am not going to lie to you, but in two days you are enjoying life to the fullest.

Once you see the freedom that you have, you realise that you are able to go anywhere you want, you are able to join whoever you want, you are able to go to have lunch or dinner outside whenever you want and you are able to travel, travel and travel without any restriction. Cool eh? 

  • 2. Travelling

In Erasmus you will travel more than in your hole life. Not only you will discover your destination country in a deeply way but also you will discover Europe in his totallity.

This expands your mind and enables you to discover new cultures, to think differently and to grow as a person. Besides when you travel to a foreign country it is inevitable to have problems what produces to manage by yourself in a country that you don’t know, with a language that you don’t speak and different currency.

At the beginning sounds hard, but if you manage to overcome this adversities (and you will) you will be able to overcome anything. Why? Because you will never be more against the rope than that time in Ukraine searching for an adress with a trippy alfabeth and a weird name like xuxesqui in rusian letters. (Sorry if you are Ukranian or Rusian, I have just put this example because I am Spanish and your language is really diferent to mine).

  • 3.Party

Yes, one benefit of going in Erasmus is the party. The party is unique at Erasmus, heavier than normal. I mean, every night that you return to your house safe is a battle won (I have never lived something like that before I am telling you). Besides, you will be able to practice other languages at the club because, yeah doing that shot at 3 a.m at the morning makes everybody your friend even though you can not understand them properly. 

In the party you lose that fear of talking languages that you don’t speak fluently. Besides once you are sover you will notice that that labguage has improved. Drunky magic my friend.

Summarizing, you will survive 27464 trips returning home drunk. If you are able to overcome this you are able to overcome anything.

  • 4.International Network

In Erasmus you will meet more international people than the Onu. When you make friends with diferents cultures not only they are going to show you typical things of their country, but also you will be able to ask them about diferents points of view of some fields that, spoiler, they will not be the same as yours. 

You are going to be surprised when you will notice that you have more conexion with persones with diferent culture than with persons that have yours. And not only that, after Erasmus you will have house in all Europe! 

  • 5. Compare

You will be able to compare your local university with the university that recives you. That will make you to realize that there are more than one form of doing things and will provide you with the capacity of adaptation at every ground. Also, if the university of destination makes you to do oral speeches you will improve the language skills even more.

That capacity of adaptation is due to the fact that at the receiving university you fought in order to deliver all the documentation needed and you survived to exams that may be you didn’t understand the statement completely. 

Now you are the boss at your university and you will never compare yourself with others from now and then because your self esteem is higher than the clouds. 


Is worth it going in Erasmus? Yes, yes and yes. Don’t think it twice. If you can go in Erasmus don’t lose the oportunity to go. You will have the best experience of your life.

Do you have any doubt or any question? Comment it below! I will be glad to hear from you.

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