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Italy is the country of history in itself. Whether it is for the Renaissance, for the Romans, for the Second World War, for everything. The scenery and climate are the most envied in Europe and the food is exceptional. Italy is ideal for tourists and is always full of them. However you are going to be Erasmus so you will be out of season, you will be able to visit everything without any problem and you will enjoy the country to the fullest. If you are going to be an Erasmus in Italy and you are looking for quality information, you have landed in the right place. I’m going to tell you how to spend an erasmus like a pro in Italy.

Erasmus en Italia
Erasmus in Italy

Erasmus in Italy: Experience and tips

Whatever city in Italy you go to, you will enjoy yourself like a king. This blogg has been made with real Erasmus experiences in: Bologna, Rome, Pisa and Naples. Therefore we are going to focus on these cities in detail, however, we are also going to put general information about Erasmus in Italy for people who go to other cities. If you want information on these locations, click on the image of your city. (only Rome is made at the moment)


Now I’m going to give you tips to spend an Erasmus in Italy like a professional. First we start with how much you are going to spend.

How much do I spend doing an eramus in Italy

Italy goes by zones. There are areas in Rome that are very expensive and areas in the south that are like in Spain. How much do you spend on Erasmus in Italy? We are going to see the expenses of a normal mobility.

In every Erasmus there are 3 types of expenses: Residence or flat, food and party and finally traveling. Having an erasmus traveling non-stop, going with a residence or flat for € 300 per month and eating in restaurants and everything, you can spend about € 1,300 per month. Yes, you live like a king, I already tell you. It seems like an expensive price, and it is. However, there are tricks so that you can make this price reduced. I leave you a highly recommended guide on how to earn money on your Erasmus. Click on the image to access it.

Ganar dinero online
Guía de como ganar dinero en tu erasmus

The suitcase to go to Italy

If you have come this far, you have already decided whether or whether to go to Italy. Well now comes the question that we all ask ourselves when we go to Erasmus. What do I take in my suitcase? Friend, I’m just going to say only one word to you. Minimalism Italy has warm climate so don’t take too many clothes. There are also washing machines in the residence so no need of wearing 384384 T-shirts. If you have no idea what to pack in your suitcase, here is a list of ideas.

lista maleta erasmus
Suitcase list 2021

Now that you are ready to go, let’s see what you are going to find there.

Do you need to know Italy for your erasmus in Italy 2021?

Are the classes in Italian? Is English enough to go on Erasmus to Italy? Is it easy to learn Italian? Let’s get into it. It is true that Italian is a Romanic language, but don’t be fooled, you have to take some classes and put hours into it to understand it because between speaking very fast and speaking informally, you get lost. On the other hand, you are going to learn the gestures in two beers (highly recommended, really funny). And you will wonder, well… with English I survive, and yes, you will survive, but friend you will not have the same Erasmus as someone who has learned Italian since you will not know the locals at all. In reference to classes, with English is enough. Nevertherless remember that if you decide to take classes in Italian,  the exams are oral in this language.

How to learn another language in two months? Tip: Use an app that starts with duo (I can’t say brands), you will improve your vocabulary but it is not enough to remember things. Try it and udge by yourself. If it does not work for you, you can take an online course with OLS that did not help me really much for the same topic or take classes with teachers in an academy. If there is no money, you can do it with a grammar book.

Traveling in Italy

A simple phrase: The train coupon rocks. Moving by train is the best option if you don’t have the money to rent a car. (A car through Tuscany what a pleasure…). The ticket is bought online. Pim pam, like flights. Also sometimes it is cheaper. Now the erasmus trick. There are 2×1 on Saturdays.

To visit Tuscany and its villages there are buses that allow you to visit Sienna, Monteriggioni etc. Generally, at the points where they sell newspapers, tickets can be obtained.

What to eat in Italiy

In general, a regular menu it costs 15 euros per person. You also have the option of cooking at home or going to Mac Donalds. (A Macdo is going to fall yes or yes I tell you that, either in your travels or out of laziness.). For my taste it is a serious mistake since you are not going to Italy to avoid getting covered in pizza and pasta. There is also the problem of gastroenteritis, since between drinking and bad food getting sick is likely probable.

The restaurants depend on each city: In Milan, you eat breaded pork. In Naples, Neapolitan pizza that has the name for this. In Bologna, pasta Bolognese and in Venice a Venetian twine. I recommend making a list of things to eat if you visit each city.

You are going to travel to every place in Europe so... Why don't you start looking some information of the places here?

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