Poland is the ideal country to go for Erasmus mundus. It is a cheap country, full of surprises and partying. If you are trying to decide where you will go in Erasmus, you have to take this country into account yes or yes.

Why Erasmus in Poland?

Poland is a central European country which makes it ideal for traveling, and let’s be honest, in your Erasmus is your main goal.

It has a cold clima which causes an abrupt cultural difference between Poland and the south countries like Spain. This is good and bad, depends on how you take it. Sometimes you will miss the Spanish sun but at other times you will love the snow that this country has in winter. Once you see this reality with your eyes you wil understand the reason for its charming.

Referring to the money the currency is very cheap compared to other countries from European Union what makes possible to eat in a Milky bar for 3 euros (All included).

Finally, the party is on another level. I have never experienced anything like that before. And you will tell me, you are exaggerating for sure. No my friend, no, I’m just going to tell you that I was used to go out partying 3 or 4 days a week.

The Weather in Poland

Poland is a cold country so you have to prepare yourself before the worst winter clima months arrive. In addition, there are few hours of sun, so in the most nocturnal months it gets dark around 3 in the afternoon. Yes, sometimes you went out partying and when you got up it was already night, a shame.

However, the cold has a special character. It is a dry cold, which does not notice the thermal sensation to which one is exposed (sometimes). The good thing is that you could warm up with their soups like Żurek, eh, the best soup I’ve ever had.

What to eat in Poland?

In Poland the most typical are the PIEROGI, they are like a mix of Chinese dumplings and stuffed ravioli but with a unique flavor. Żurek, the soup and drink of the gods. Borsch, a beet soup. yes, you have a good ear, beet. At first glance you say pfff, these Poles … but ou mama, so good. It surprised me to an unexpected level.

I could continue naming typical and delicious dishes, however I recommend you going blind, let yourself be surprised! In addition, if you become an Erasmus Buddy, you already have an excuse to start an incredible international relationship. Let them take you to dinner!

Personally, I went to Erasmus in Warsaw, but are all the cities in Poland the same to go on Erasmus? Whichever city you choose, they all have more or less the same characteristics. Or not ?.

Best city for Erasmus in Poland

The best city to go for Erasmus in Poland is and always will be Warsaw. Why? As a city it is true that Krakow is prettier, however it does not have the essence that Warsaw, the ruined city, has.

My goal with this forum dedicated to Erasmus in Poland is to collect a lot of opinions for people who have decided to leave Erasmus, they can compare and see opinions of Erasmus in Poland. With these tips from the draft in Poland you can do a study on how to go from Erasmus to this country

For this I am going to explain my Erasmus experience in Poland.

Where to party in Warsaw?

Ugh … I’ve had a go at it here. There are infinite clubs in Warsaw, however I am going to name the best ones for you. Yes, the best. You speak with an expert, it is more the clubs that I am going to name you would have to be in your erasmus bible.

klub park

Klub park is going to be your club on Wednesdays. I’m just telling you that from 9 in the afternoon to 1 at night you have an open beer for only 2.5 euros. Mind-blowing,  I’m crying writing this article because, my gosh, I miss it so much. Click on the image in order to have more information.




Teatro Cubano

Tetro cubano can be found in Krakow and in Warsaw. It will be your place on Mondays night. In Mondays they offer Cuba libre for 1 Euro, huh, and they are not small. They play reggeton and guess what, it has become so popular for the Spanish that they play music aimed at this Target.


We are talking about a club which covers your mobile camera with a sticker when you enter. It is a dark club with techno music. It has to be seen at least once in life as it has inside beds, a lighted jungle, 3 techno rooms and more. Yes, I still have the sticker on my mobile phone.





This club is inside a cave, there are chill rooms with sofas and a dance room. You have to see it once in a lifetime too.

Fiesta latina

Probably the seediest club on the list. The music is like Teatro Cubano type, yes, I could say that Fiesta Latina is copy brand of this club.

However, in this club something magical happens. Every night is unique so be prepared. In this club you have to go if or if at least once, although I am sure you will repeat it, surely on Fridays.

What to see in Warsaw?

I could tell you a thousand and one things to see in Warsaw. However I will tell you the essentials. The river (with beers obviously), the largest park in Europe, the Palace of Culture, the historic center and your buddy’s house, a must-see stop. Don’t you know what the buddy program is? Click here.

Budget: How much money do you spend on Erasmus in Poland?

Poland is a cheap country. Normally I was spending € 800 a month and I was doing whatever I wanted. The residence cost € 100 a month and food thrown away. That if everything is so cheap you are spending and spending. Uber here, Uber there you know…

The party is very cheap too and traveling, as it is the low season, also costs nothing. This country is ideal for students.

If everything is so cheap, what do I take from home?

The suitcase to go on an Erasmus trip to Poland.

We are talking about a cheap and well-equipped country when it comes to winter clothing. So in the suitcase the essential thing is the Spanish ham that you will not find there of the same quality. Winter clothing is purchased there. Take a coat for the first months, but once there buy boots, a coat and gloves.

This horsemanship, in addition to being of high quality, you will find 3 times cheaper than in Spain. You will find the clothes of your Erasmus in Poland there.

Do you have any more questions about Erasmus in Poland? Don’t hesitate to comment below!

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