Poland is the ideal country for going in Erasmus mundus. It is a country with low currency, full of surprises and partying. If you are trying to decide where to go in Erasmus, you have to take this country into account yes or yes.

If you are here I suppose that you were looking for useful information about the erasmus accomodation, the ESN, an erasmus experience, what to eat and where to party, the price of the erasmus etcetera. Well, I have to tell you that you landed into the right place so, let’s go to have an insight of the erasmus in Poland.


In order to enjoy an erasmus in Poland to the fullest, first of all we have to answer the first question that your family and friends are going to do to you. 

erasmus in cracow
Erasmus in Poland

Why Erasmus in Poland?

Poland is a central European country which makes it ideal for traveling, and let’s be honest, in your Erasmus is your main goal.

It has a cold clima which causes an abrupt difference between Poland and the south countries like Spain. You will love the snow that this country has in winter and the charming feelings that provides having a tea in a terrace snowing outside. Sometimes you will miss the Spanish sun it is true, but on the other hand the experience is unique.

Referring to the money the currency is very cheap compared to other countries from European Union what makes possible to eat in a Milky bar for 3 euros (All included).

Finally, the party is on another level. I have never experienced anything like that before. And you will tell me, you are exaggerating for sure. I wish. I’m just going to tell you that I was used to go out partying 3 or 4 days a week and having good grades included. That does not mean that I did not learn anything, it means that this erasmus experience you will need to manage your time to do all you need to do to enjoy the erasmus to the maximum. Hopefully I did this webpage in order to help you so, let’s have an insight about some tips.

The best city for an erasmus in Poland

Okay I must confess that this title was purely clickbait. There is not a best city for an erasmus in Poland. Do you know why? Because all the cities have different characteristics. Warsaw is the capital and the party is in another level, Cracow is the most beautiful city in Poland (subjective thought), Gdańsk has Sopot next to it and has beach. So in order to do a good article about each city I did it separated from this one. Click on the photos to have more information about the city you would like to have your erasmus.

erasmus in warsaw
Erasmus in Warsaw
erasmus in cracow
Erasmus in Krakow
Erasmus in Gdańsk

How much money do you spend on Erasmus in Poland?

This section is about spending money and this depends on each person. However I have provided a guide of more or less was the budget of a regular erasmus.

The spends on the erasmus depends on three great groups: Eating and acohol, residence or flat and finally travelling. Personally I was spending € 800 a month and I was doing whatever I wanted. The residence cost € 100 a month, the food depends on every person, in my case I was going in restaurants every week (or day haha) and the alcohol well, depends on the night but come on let’s be sincere it is really cheap and you are partying. And finally the travelling I travelled 2 or 3 times per month. As you can see the erasmus mood is spending and spending. Uber here, Uber there you know.

How to survive the Polish weather

As commented before, Poland is a cold country. However, there is a know-how to survive the extreme temperatures and believe me, it is an art to do it. Hopefully I did an erasmus suitcase list for 3 different countries and Poland is one of them so, If you are interested on knowing what to carry on with you and what not and being sure that you are prepared since the beginning of your trip, I recommend you 100% to read the following guide. Click on the photo in order to read it.

Erasmus suitcase list

Trips that you must to do in Poland

Finally I give you 3 trips that you must to do in Poland. The first one is visiting auschwitz in order to live what happened in this country. The second one is Zakopane. In this place you will live nature to the fullest. And finally you need to visit Sopot and, if you can, do a little bit of wind surfing there.

For my part is all, thanks for have read this guide and don’t hesitate on recommending the webpage if you like it and you found it useful!