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Krakow is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland. It is such unique that certainly does not leave you indifferent. In few words, spending your Erasmus in Krakow can be an unforgettable experience. Here I will provide you USEFUL and RELEVANT information about the erasmus in that city such as: the ESN card process, the residencies state and where to go for partying and eating. This blogg was made by erasmus for erasmus so, if you are interested about the field, it is your place. Let’s go into it.

Erasmus in Krakow

Erasmus in Krakow: experience and tips 2021

Warsaw was completely destroyed in second world war so, in reference to the architecture it cannot be compared to Krakow (But warsaw is really pretty too eh, you must visit it.) The city is like alice in wonderland feeling. A lot of castles and a lot of fancy streets. So, if you are an erasmus here, prepare yourself  because returning home after it is going to be hard.

▷ The ESN card

For those that they have already decided going in erasmus in this city, the ESN card process must be done there. And the learning agreeement fixing due to schedule conflict too. So first of all keep calm. Just enjoy the uncertainty and be water my friend. Eramus is about not knowing what is going to happen tomorrow so keep that mentality and just enjoy.

▷ Krakow student residencies

I’m going to focus on the residences of the most common universities like the polytechnic or the typical University of Krakow. In these articles you will be able to know the status of each residence hall of the university in which you are interested, tricks to sneak in if you want to go to a party, how to put a laundry if everything is in Polish and more. Click on the image of the university you want. (Still need to do them)

Politechnika Krakowska
Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w krakowie

▷ What to visit in Krakow?

As I said before, in Krakow the entire city can be considered a monument. Krakow is super pretty. The old town, the museums, the castle etc are worth it from the free tour and on your own. A free tour consists of an hour-and-a-half-hour tour of the city by someone with experience in history, totally free to promote culture and tourism. It goes without saying that at the end of the tour it is typical to tip but this is your decision. Once you book it, a meeting is made at a place in the city at a specific time on the desired day. From there you can visit the entire city and all the interesting points of the municipality.

Apart from the city, Krakow has two must-see tourist attractions. The first and the one that I think you already imagine is, Auschwitz. The second and least known is the salt mines. These two places are brutal and what I say, if you go to Krakow you must see it.

I recommend seeing the sites with the ESN since they do the tour with all the erasmus and the atmosphere is already cool in itself. However, it is typical that due to lack of time or groups they make you choose between one activity or another. If you have to choose, I would choose Auschwitz without a doubt since it is impressive. If not, there is also the alternative of doing it on your own.

Erasmus in Krakow by degree

▷ Engineering

Power faculty:

Take neither machine theory nor heat transfer. There is a lot of coal in Poland and his studies focus on this. If you specialize in energy you will not touch any renewable energy and if you touch you will only give theory

Aeronautical College: Don’t take systems 2 or finite elements if you can. They do work a lot and you have to submit reports every week. Not worth it.

Telecommunications and Computer Science Faculty: Do not take image recognition since literally in Poland it is a smoke.


Clinical pharmacology, pharmacology and toxicology are subjects that require a lot of work to be an Erasmus student. If you can avoid them, it is recommended not to take these as you will save a lot of time that you can invest in Erasmus experiences.


To go to Warsaw from Krakow, the best option is to go by train since if you find the website that the Poles use, it can cost about 6 or 9 euros.

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