Your Erasmus in Warsaw 2021 is going to be amazing. The night in Warsaw is unique, the connection with the world is well made (2 airports) and the food and number of restaurants are endless. Look, you’re going to have such  great time… buff. I spent my Erasmus in this city, so that this article is going to be the best article on the internet in reference to Erasmus in this city I put it as a personal objective. Moreover, when you finish reading and finding the information you are looking for, you will have no choice but to press the green whatsapp button to share the page with your Erasmus colleagues (button below if you are on mobile or on the left if you are on computer.)

I am going to refer to all the places that are worth visiting, the restaurants that you have to eat and the clubs where you have to go as well as the residences of each faculty and the subjects that you should not take if you do not want to be working while your colleagues they go to party. Let’s go, this page will be a definitive guide for any future Erasmus who wants to maximize their experience in this incredible city.


Warsaw is a city that was destroyed in the Second World War. Its history is such shocking that it is mandatory to do its free tour if you want to keep in mind what happened. I warn you that it is strong, however it is the responsibility of each one to find out and know why on August 1 at 5:00 p.m. everyone suddenly stops in the street. The important dates to keep in mind are August 1 and November 11, which is the national holiday of independence. For the rest, what you have to know is what the flag of Warsaw is like since it is cool to recognize it 

Warsaw flag

Well now that you’ve drenched yourself in some popular wisdom, let’s get down to business. Let’s see what is worth seeing in Warsaw, the best restaurants, the best clubs (hihihi the best part) and how to travel to other cities. 

First things first

The PESTEL number, the ESN card, the public transportation card and the enrollment it is all done there. So keep calm with the quantity of information that they give you. Now that I have calmed you down a bit let’s go for the information and have fun.

How much cost the erasmus in Warsaw?

Warsaw is not really expensive. Well, what I have just said is more or less true since a night full of beer costs you € 2.5 and at the same time a coffee at Cafe Nero costs you € 4. Where is the logic? I’m still looking for it.

The price of Erasmus in Warsaw is between € 800 and € 1,300. € 1300 if you travel every two or three days, going out to party almost every day, going out for dinner, moving around the city with uber and buying everything you could buy on the streets. Well, that price is translated to living like a boss so if you are a regular person you are going to reduce it.

Now, I am going to give you a guide on how you can earn money on your Erasmus. HIGHLY recommended to read since the scholarship they are going to give you for going on mobility is not very useful. Click on the image if you are interested.

Ganar dinero online
Guide of how to earn money in your erasmus

What to see in Warsaw?

Well, in Warsaw there are many things to see. Now the situation is like this, however it is an OPPORTUNITY since the streets are empty and you can take all the photos you want without people. Come on, this Erasmus 2021 in Warsaw can be incredible for your photo album so let’s check the places.

▷ Warsaw in 1 day

Well, if you have 1 day to visit Warsaw, I recommend these main activities and sites due to they rock.  I have thought that it is better that you discover the city on your own so I only name the places that are the best in order you to check them there.

Erasmus Varsovia 2020
cultury palace
the center
the unknown tomb (next to cubano)
The library next to the river

▷ Warsaw in 2 or 3 days

On additon to the other places you need to see these to complete your capital of Poland experience.

Park next to DS Riviera
Praga neighborhood
The cementery
Having fun at the coliseo

Where to eat at warsaw?

As a good Erasmus student, I am going to recommend the best places. We will go from the best kebab in Warsaw to typical Polish restaurants. Yes, priorities first. Click on the images to find out more specific information about each site. If you click and nothing happens, the article is not done. (The best kebab in Warsaw is the Cuban one. Cuban? Shh I’m not going to spoil it to you.)

Milk bar

Going party in Warsaw

Ou mama the best is coming. There are infinite clubs in Warsaw, however I am going to name you the best. Yes, the best. You talk to an expert, in fact the clubs that I am going to name you should be in your Erasmus bible. Here are the articles made so click on the photos.

Klub park
Teatro Cubano
Fiesta latina

I’m just telling you that in one there is an open beer bar from 9 at night to 1 in the morning. In another there are free cuba libre for € 1 on Mondays. In another they give away waffles at the end of the night and in another there are rooms with beds in caves throughout the nightclub.

Erasmus residences in Warsaw

As you already know, the residencies depend on the university that is chosen. Here I list the most important ones with an article of each depending on which university you come from.

▷ Warsaw polytechnica

Warning, the Warsaw residences have a bad reputation. However, living in a residence is a unique experience, not only because of the parties, coexistence, etc. but because of the atmosphere in general. They are also priceless. Here are three articles describing each residence. Mikrus and Zaczek residence missing. The rest I am sorry to inform you that I have not received information on their status, which is a sign that few people have stayed in these and therefore they should not be in very good condition.


▷ Medical university of Warsaw

In medicine all bedrooms are great and pretty much the same. They consist of a room for 2 people, a shared kitchen, reception and gym. 

Dormitory n 2 of medical university: Dormitory of 2 floors with shared kitchen each. The rooms consist of two beds, a sink and a washbasin so you have to wash your clothes separately and hang them on threads in the room to dry. As for cleaning, initially you need to buy a pillow and sheets since the ones they give you are not very recommended. There is an Ikea next door so no problem. Apart from this it is a great bedroom with billiards, ping pong, two study rooms, wifi, tv etc. That if to sneak you without paying is screwed because there is a receptionist and “no” you can sneak alcohol.


This part is the Erasmus Bible in Warsaw, so be careful before making the learning agreement if you do not want to have complications during your mobility.


POWER Faculty: Do not take either Theory of heat machines or heat transfer buddy. They are not only made on Friday (theory of heat) but they also are harder than the credits they give. So these are not worth signing up for. Save yourself the effort if you can.

MEIL AÉREO Faculty: Don’t take finite element method or aeronautical systems 2. You have to study a lot of practice and do reports every week.

Telecommunications and Computer Science Faculty: Try not to catch image and speech recognition or cryptography.


Clinical pharmacology, pharmacology and toxicology are subjects that require a lot of work to be in Erasmus. If you can avoid them, it is recommended not to take these as you will save a lot of time that you can invest in Erasmus experiences.


In Warsaw there are two airports, Chopin and Modlin. From these you can go to destinations as far away as Israel.

Modlin is the furthest airport from the city. To get to Warsaw you have to take a bus that costs about 10 euros if I remember well. Chopin is in the outskirts of the city so there is a city bus directly connected to the center. If you go with Ryanair you will have to go to Modlin, and if you go with Wizzair to Chopin. It is recommended to go with Wizzair, in the end it is cheaper. If you go to Modlin and you are more than 3 people, it is more worth taking an Uber than not going by bus.


It is 100% recommended to go to these cities by train. There is a Polish page where the prices are € 9, I will inform myself to put a link. Without a doubt, the bus is not worth it at all, try to avoid it.

This is where the article ends. With this you have a lot of cattle, now you just have to discover a little more of this amazing city on your part. I am sure that you will discover new sites that are not referenced here.

I also recommend reading other posts on Erasmus Poland if you want to discover more about other Polish cities from an Erasmus point of view.

información erasmus en Cracovia


If you are interested in Krakow either to visit it or you just want to know relevant information for Erasmus people. Click on the image or the title above.

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