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For me, klub park is the best club in Warsaw. Why? Because a simple number, 10 złoty. And such is the power of that club that it has named a random day of the week as wednesdays with the name of mythical Wednesdays of Park. Personally I will never forget them. For the simple price of 10 sloties = 2.5 € you have an open beer bar from 10 p.m at night to 1 a.m in the morning.

Klub Park voyage

First, I am going to explain you the typical situation that Park brings to you. In park you are with your friends group. You decide to go to the toilet so you say to your friends, Please wait for me.

Then, when you go to the bathroom you come across Portuguese people. You have not seen that people from 2 days ago. Of course you stop to talk with them for 10 minutes. Afterwards you go to the bathroom again but, boy, you come across the iralian crew. Of course you are going to say something to that fantastic people. So you drink another beer in a while. Finally you reach the bathroom and you achieve to pee in peace.

Then you go outside and you find the German guy, another beer in a row! So you decide to go to the smoking area just to talk a bit. There you talk to random people for 1 hour. Maybe some guy invites you to buy some pizza, so why not in a blink you are eating pizza with them.

Then you realise that is 10 minutes before 1 p.m, so it is your last chance to get another beer for free. You go an you achieve to reach it. Afterwards you decide to go to meet your friends and when you go at the spot you find that all of them are with girls or guys kissing.

The mythical Wednesdays of Klub Park Warsaw

Wednesdays in Warsaw are unique. For once in your life it will be more worthwhile to do the predrinkings inside a club instead of outside. Why? Apart from having an open beer bar, the place has a chill sofa area and a pizzeria. (First time I see a disco with pizzas, for real).

Klub Park  is the pioneer club for many. So, to make an article of the best club in Warsaw we will go step by step:

Park’s pizzas

A review of Park’s pizzas has required a trusted source of information that has tried all types. This source says:

“The diagul was delicious, the carbonara didn’t taste like anything, the four cheeses, well …, the proscuitto nice. Money worth: If you eat them at 10 at night, normal. If you eat them at 5 in the morning, wicked because it saves your life. “

So now you know what to order. I personally think that eating a pizza with ambient music, overflowing beer and scandalous price in this club is a mandatory activity in Warsaw.

Park atmosphere

In Spain we are used to the V.I.P areas of discotheques. In Park, the vip area is the entire club. There is a circular sofa area with tables in the center and a sofa area with more secluded square tables. In these areas you can play all kinds of drinking games and there is even a cultural exchange because it is true that first people gather together with the same nacionalities (the Italians at their table of Italians, the Greeks at their table of Greeks etc) but later everyone talks with everyone.

Referring to the music, they play reggeton on Wednesdays since most people are Spanish, however if you go on a weekend they play techno as most people are Polish.

Referring to the dance area, there is a strip bar and a platform where you can play the dumb, also a doorman who, if he sees you with beer, will not let you pass (However, if there are many people, it is very easy to enter the dance area with plenty of beer).

Finally it should be added that there is a smoking area where there are picnic tables. This is where the labia flows, such a conversations … this is where people get together to talk and it is where the best poems are written. 

Park’s beer

Beware that Park’s beer is not beer. What’s in Park’s beer? Nobody knows. There are rumors that it carries a strong liquor, others that it carries some substance. I only know that the hangover the day after Park (fateful Thursdays) is very hard.

I recommend drinking a maximum of 3 beers (they are 0.5 L pints) with this amount you are more than served, however there are people who are able to drink 8. Superheroes.

As there is an open beer bar, it is natural a crowd formation on the queues. How can you be the first to get beer from the bar? Here it comes.

Be Park's bar number one guide

In klub park there are 3 dispensers where they distribute the beer, two in front and one on the right next to the dance floor.

To be first at the park’s bar you have to go to the dispenser on the right because there are fewer people due to the railing that separates the dance floor with the bar. Now you have to be selfish. Usually queues of people are made one behind the other. The technique is to put yourself in the middle of two queues in the space they leave between them. Here you will sneak in with your shoulder.

When a movement of people leaving the zone is made, you are more likely to get into first positions than the people who wait behind someone because they have less movility. Once you are in first positions you have to be selfish even more than before. Yes, this is war, people.

The waitress serving the beer gives a beer to the right and one to the left simultaneously. You have to choose one side. Once a beer touches the table of the side that you were focused on, you will pick it up without hesitation. Remember, the one that doubts is lost.

Once you get a beer, your goal is to hold on the position. It has cost you your life to get there, it would be pointless to leave now. You sneakily hide the beer they’ve given you under the bar so the waitress doesn’t see you served. In that position you go for another beer.

After a few seconds you will not realize that you already have a beer in each hand. As you can imagine, the photos of this club are always blurred.

Klub Park dangers

The crazy man in the forest

Klub Park as its name suggests is in the middle of a Warsaw park. In that park at night there is a stalker who dedicates to watch the girls leaving the club and chasing them off while masturbating. It’s real. The police do nothing, they just arrest him that night and the next day he is free again. I have no information about anyone who was damaged by this man, but you must always be cautious when leaving the club.

The jacket

In the wardrobe when you leave the coat they give you a badge with a number to pick it up. If for some reason you lose this badge, either you are going without your coat or you pay 50 zloties if you know how to recognize it.

If for some reason tyou did not pick up your jacket and you come back another day, the man in the wardrobe may not give you the coat. If you are lucky enough to go with someone who speaks Polish you are more likely to get it back but it is hard work.

Where is Klub Park?

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