Smolna is a club in Warsaw located on Smolna Street. Yes, this club even has his own street. It is a very popular club among Erasmus students due to his dark rumors. I will only say that they cover your mobile camera once you enter. It is a club that you must visit at least once in a lifetime. You have to see it with your own eyes.

Smolna: The best techno club in Warsaw

I am going to tell you the Smolna typical experience in order to give you have a complete Reference Guide. If you follow my advice you will make an epic memory of the mythical club of Warsaw without any problems.

How can you enter into Smolna?

I repeat, we are talking about a club where they cover your mobile phone camera when you enter, so it is normal that there are restrictions when you try to enter into the club. However, with this definitive guide you will be able to enter without problems.

The first requirement to enter in Smolna is to be dressed completely in black. Smolna is a dark nightclub so it is logical that they make their clients dress in this color. Once you have dressed in the perfect look, it’s time to make an effort by your part.

Learn by heart the DJ that plays that night. The doormen of the disco are going to ask you who is the person behind the DJ table, if you do not know what to answer they will invite you to leave the queue and go outside. You can check the DJ that plays every night on his official page:

After this you can go to the club. However this is not a guarantee of success. The last and most important factor is comming.

To enter into Smolna you have to go in groups of four people maximum. I said maximum because even being 4  they can kick you out too. I went with 3 friends, there were 4 of us and they let us pass. This is because two of them were Polish and already knew how to talk to the doorman. However, our half of the group stayed out because they were not allowed to pass. They were 4 people, 3 boys and a girl. Even knowing the DJ, dressed in black and all, they did not enter.

But take it easy, relax and don’t be nervous. Even if you do not enter you have the pawiloni area next to you as an alternative.

Inside Smolna

Once you pass the gatekeeper’s barrier you will go to the cashier to pay. The entrance costs between 20 and 40 Sloty depending on the day. They will put the mythical sticker on your mobile camera. Yes, I still have it. You will go down some stairs and leave your belongings in some lockers that are right at the entrance to the club. Now that you are ready, the good begins.

Plant 0

On the ground floor of Smolna there are the bathrooms. Important! Memorize where they are because you will go many times and the disco is a maze.

Next to the bathrooms you go down to the main techno room. Very dark music with laser everywhere and smoke. That room is already impressive since this is the main scenario. Inside this room if you go to the right you will find the jungle hallway. A hallway full of fluorescent shutters. It really is impressive because you don’t see anything, just the blinds in front of you. You feel very lost. At the end of the jungle you will find a room with music, sofas and a chill area. I recommend going to see it just to see people dust. Very funny.

Click on the video to see the jungle. Atention! It is prohibited to record inside the club so this video is a representation of the club in my garage, not the club by it self (wink wink).

(If you are using a mobile phone maybe it is not posible to watch the video)

If we go back to the bathrooms after finding some stairs that go up there is a corridor, there you will enter the chill deep house area. In that area there are even beds with people obviously lying. Spectacular.

Floor 1

If we decide to go up the stairs next to the bathrooms, we will end up in the second techno area of the club. This room is set to the Caribbean. The music here is less dark than that of the main stage, in this room you will spend most of the time because it is amazing.

If you head left there will be another hallway and the smoking area. 

Personally, I think it is a club that you must visit if you are in Warsaw. You will take a memory for a lifetime.

Click on the video to see the main scenario. Atention! It is prohibited to record inside the club so this video is a representation of the club in my garage, not the club by it self (wink wink).

(If you are using a mobile phone maybe it is not posible to watch the video)

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