Spain is the perfect country to go in erasmus. It is a warm, with full of culture, history and party country. If you are intersted in discovering Spain, learning spanish or why not try to get a tanned skin like Enrique Iglesias you have came across the right place.


Spain is a country with diferent cultural regions. It has Catalunya, a zone where they speak Catalan (yeah you know, all the independentist movement and everything was there.) Valencia, a really party zone in Spain (Gandia). Madrid the capital of spain. Andalucia were flamenco was born. Basc country, they speak basc too there. (It is at the north of Spain and it is a must visiting it.) Galicia, they speak gallego. (It is at the west of spain next to Portugal.) etc.

Well, there are a lot of zones in Spain, if you are going in erasmus there you can discover each below. (ONLY CATALUNYA AND VALENCIA IS AVAILABLE AND NOT COMPLETED)

País Vasco

Spanish gastronomy

One of best factors of Spain is his gastronomy. Spain is pioner in good healthy dishes. Just in case you are interested in how to cook them or in discovering a piece of the spanish culture I put you here some information about the spanish gastronomy history and the recipes of every dish.

Tortilla de patatas
Jamón ibérico

Spanish holidays and celebrations

If you are going in erasmus in Spain you MUST enjoy these holidays. Not only they are unique, but also they have their own traditional and culture background. Here you will discover that spain is diferent, however I will define why spain has his culture below in the spanish culture title.

San Fermín
Fallas de Valencia
Sant jordi
Carnaval de Tenerife
Sant Juan
Feria de abril


As you probably will know, spain goes in a slow path motion. What I am trying to say with this is that there are not reasons why you have to be in a hurry. In spain it is better to enjoy the breakfast correctly than to arrive puntual to one place. Also all the culture goes around food.  They speak loud and they are really opened persons. Also the party is amazing. The theme in Spain is, enjoy the moment and enjoy it with the once you love. Here I explain a bit about every aspect of the spanish culture.

La siesta
Why spanish people are always late
Clima and best beaches
Las terrazas

How much money do I need for my erasmus in Spain?

A beer in Spain costs aproximatelu 1.5€ in a bar. Going in erasmus to Spain is relatively cheap, however you will spend a lot of money in food (eah you will be always eating). Also the dorms and flats are expensive. I recommend to rent a flat with friends. Apart of this, it is affortable. You will spend more or less 1000€ counting travelling and everything.