Erasmus Catalunya

Catalunya is a really particular place. It has a lot of sides to explore, a lot of party and a lot of culture. They speak Spanish and Catalan so be prepared if you go here in erasmus because maybe you will have a conversation in that lenguage. ( PAGE UNDERDEVELOPEMENT)

The culture in Catalunya

As I said before in Catalunya they speak Catalan. Also they have their own culture separartely from the Spainish one like every spanish zone. Here I will explain you amazing things about the traditions in Catalunya and why they life their culture to the fullest.




Best places to visit in Catalunya

In Catalunya there are a lot of places to visit. However I consider that these onces are the MUST VISIT places if you ever go in Catalunya.










Costa daurada






What to eat in Catalunya?

The typical dishes to eat in Catalunya are, Calçots, pà amb tomàquet i fuet, rovellons and olla.




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