Erasmus Valencia

Valencia is amazing. It has good clima, good food and good party. And when I say good party means that you are going to the party at 11 p.m, you drink until 2 a.m, you enter to the club, you dance, you go out from the club at 7 a.m and you have breakfast on the beach watching the sun rise.

What to see in Valencia?

In Valencia you need to go a la ciudad de las ciencias. al Oceanogràfic, la Lonja de la seda y la marina. In a few days an article will be made to describe that places.

Is it dificult studying in Valencia?

In Valencia and Spain the studies are quite hard (depend of the degree and subjects of course) so it is a must to have an equilibrated rutine of party and studies. There is were Siesta comes to act.

What to eat in Valencia

No doubt, Paella.

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