Gazpacho is a tomato soup really fresh and healthy. I know, tomato soup wtf but yeah it is amazing believe me. 

The Gazpacho recipe

There are two main types of gazpacho: Gazpacho of vegetables and gazpacho with fruits. i trully recommend the gazpacho with fruits.

The typical gazpacho has two peppers (red and green) onion, tomatoes, oil, water and vineggar. So fresh.

The fruit gazpacho is made with tomatoes, watermelon, lemon juice, vineggar, albahaca and salt.

Where does Gazpacho come from?

Gazpacho is really popular in the countryside parts. When it is time to recolect they have extra quantity of everything. In order to get rid of eat they decided to put everything in a pot, triturate it and then do something with it. It tourned out that it was really good and from that gazpacho became really popular.

How much cost the gazpacho?

In a restaurant a gazpacho can cost you 3€ but if you do it yourself (It is really easy to do) it can cost you 1€

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