Paella is the typical spanish dish. You must try it if you ever come to Spain because spanish people is really proud of it. Besides they discuss about what Paella is better.

What is Paella?

Paella is a dish made with rice. It can be done with meat or without. With shrimps and without. With veggetables and without. In conclusion there are a lot of types of paella.

I could put the recipe of the paella here but if ever a Spanish found out this blogg would be mad because his or her paella would be better for him or her so I am not going to post it.

Where to eat paella?

If I were you I would go to Valencia to try paella. I mean I am leaving in Catalunya and my friends and I we joke about taking the car, drive 4 hours to Valencia, eat paella and then come back.

I recommend going in a restaurant. So yeah you will spend a lot in it but it is totally worth it.

How much it cost Paella in a restaurant?

Paella in a restaurant can cost you 20€ per person perfectly. I mean it is a dish with sea fruits and good cuality ingredients so it is normal that is required that inversion.

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