First concept! The Erasmus or Erasmus + 2021-2027 program is a program designed for cultural exchange between students from different European universities. The program promotes personal growth and job prospects, as well as an international social network among students from different countries.


The countries participating in the Erasmus are those of the European Union. The universities of each country make agreements between them specifying, among others, the minimum and maximum period of time of the staying and the speciality of the subjects that you are going to take in your ersmus. In order to choose them you will have to contact the destination university and select the degree optatives that you are studying at your local university.

To successfully overcome the Erasmus bureaucracy, you need to submit the documentation months before the stay. This can be delivered via email to the destination university or via the secretariat department of your university. Also if you want more information I recommend you go to the Department of International Relations of your faculty to plan what documentation is required to leave Erasmus.

Before starting your Erasmus at the destination university, you must formalize the enrollment at your university. (Usually done via the internet.) This allows for a financial agreement between universities. It means that you will not pay more than you were going to pay for that semester even if you spend it outside.

For me, the Erasmus concept could be defined: Vital and indispensable experience for any living being that is appreciated. I say this because Erasmus is amazing in every points of view. It will be the most incredible experience of your life.

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